G Ravindran
G Ravindran
  • • Founder, Leadership-next (behavioural & mental readiness for leaders, experts & masters).
  • • Chair professor, Coaching & Leadership-development, Tata Institute of Social Sciences.
  • • Director, Parrot. Solutions Pte, Singapore (the 1st comprehensive Mobile App for Business).
  • • Partner, Focus-band (Neuro-feedback, Mind-training devise & processes for champions).
  • • Advisor, Evolution Sport India (growing golf, badminton and sports).

The experience of over 35 years across industry, locations, and domains rests lightly. But just mention sports, music, psychology or pushing boundaries and everything comes alive. 

A foundation in teaching & child psychology, preceded a strong grounding in industrial psychology, and this was topped with advanced studies in the behavioural sciences & people development. 

A former global leader of SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management), Ravi, has deep global experience in IT, FMCG, BFSI and manufacturing sectors, both as a leader of people & businesses. Actively lead 'next' initiatives within businesses, winning acclaim from Economic Times for creating 'Golden Companies' of the future. New insights include non-hierarchical organisations, employee-structure, multi- facet diversity, proactive workforce readiness and why collaboration always beats competition.

Accredits in performance management and evaluation; internship in ISISD; master-trainer in service excellence; certification as Global Professional in HR, and as a Leadership Coach. While an accomplished sportsman and self-taught musician who is always positive and developmental, it is the non-conformist Ravi that pioneered the revival & use of the outdoors, music and sports for management development in the stiff corridors of corporates & teaching institutions.

'Master of many' is one of the more flattering comment (he confesses) that has come his way. A life time practitioner of behavioural-arts (beyond science), Ravi has explored path-breaking concepts over the last four decades including "Industrialize agriculture", "export labour", "catch the 'I' of innovation", "tomorrow's enterprise", "Golf & I". Each offers rare insights to industry, government and society. Other seminal works include the behavioural dimensions of innovation to breakthrough mind-sets to realise potential in the pursuit of excellence.

The future will need more than what got us to the present. Leadership & development, is about this 'next', realising and releasing the potential, and knowing what else is there...

Birendra Ahluwalia 25 years of Global experience in the Sales and Service - ranges spans across more than 80 countries across the world. He has worked in India the Far East and Middle East and has run several projects across Europe, North America, and Latin America.

In India, he has been instrumental in building successful businesses right from the start up stage ranging from; Max Bupa where he transformed the trajectory of the business; Tata Sky (Employee Number Three); scaling up FedEx business in Middle East, India and Africa; the start up team for HDFC Bank and launching the first domestic cargo aviation network at Blue Dart.

Birender is now the Chief Optimist and Chief Executive Officer of The Positivity Company, and an ardent believer in the science of Positivity. At The Positivity Company the belief is around the research that leaders who are more positive are more effective and more productive; and that you can train people to be more positive.

Positivity is now the most sought after course in Harvard, Wharton, Stanford, Michigan, Yale and UC Berkeley.

We have developed proprietary and scientific learning models based on Applied Positive Psychology and Positivity. We work with senior leadership teams to identify core issues around developing breakthrough business and personal goals and pursuing them through a sustained delivery. We have developed programs for Positive Organisations, Increasing Employee Engagement through a top down approach, Transitional Coaching, STAR Methodology for on-going leadership development, Building Habits, Breakthrough Group and Personal Goal setting & Goal Pursuit, Willpower, Stress, Positive Communications, Building Trust, Innovation & Creativity, Heartfelt Social Connections and Compassion. Our programs are delivered through cutting edge learning methodologies, deployed for the first time in the country approaches like Scrum and Flipped classroom.

Birender’s vision is that by the year 2051, 51% of India will be flourishing, up from the current global and India average of 17%. Besides Leadership Development, he works with Chairpersons of Boards, CEOs, CXOs and leaders right up to the frontline and has pioneered fascinating modules to enhance and integrate work and life.

With over 60 columns, in one of India’s leading dailies, he is a prolific writer. He loves to; read and carries a minimum of three books; fitness and loves food (all types); fond of music – from traditional rock music to Western Classical music; enjoys traveling on work and holidays; loves crowded markets; Starbucks coffee, yoga, cricket and football.
Pooja Singh
Pooja Singh She is LN's Operations Juggernaut. With a cool head on her shoulders she manages quick decisions with an inherent flexibility to modify her strategies on the go.
Pooja 'smiles' Singh firmly upholds LN’s motto of “Creating something of value”, and “effecting change”. She manages to get the hardest of jobs done armed with nothing but a ‘can do’ philosophy and a huge beaming smile on her face.

She has been out there long enough to recognize that shortcuts usually end up at dead ends. Her professional and personal experiences have given her the most desired trait of immense patience while letting your work do the talking.

An integral part of Leadership-Next, with her 20+ years of hardcore executive search experience is not just an ace networker, but also an intuitive and emphatic professional. Her perceptive understanding of people’s expectations has given her an enviable track record in her chosen area.

An intrepid entrepreneur herself, she also specializes in providing HR solutions to turnkey projects and start-ups.

Apart from being an excellent peoples person, she has a host of valuable skills in media planning, copywriting, time management, marketing, strategic planning amongst many others.
An avid reader, adventurer, a passionate photographer, she loves the unexplored and is ALWAYS game for taking on new challenges.

Constantly re-enterprising herself ...