Business Kaleidoscope Workshops

(Excerpts from media interaction)

'Business Kaleidoscope Workshops'. What exactly is this about?
This is a very niche offering in the 'next' genre. Focussed sharply on business matters with business leaders. Focussed on the future. Change. Possibilities. Typically these are multi-day workshops with leader-teams. Novel, often edgy formats and platforms to provoke, explore and use fresh insights to jump-start things around business.

But these kind of programs have always been happening.
Yes. All businesses operate with meetings, workshops, retreats, conferences. Some are scheduled every month, every quarter, on a half-year or annual basis. Each meeting has a purpose, agenda & outcome. Yes, but ... Aren’t they rather mechanical? Kind of 'thaka-hua' and tired like?
Kaleidoscope, adopts a different mind-set. Any such meeting of business heads, is a never-before opportunity. The best and most influential minds leading the business, together & captive for a few days. They should make magic! Make rain!

But it's really the same stuff. The same things. Like they have all been done before. What changes?
The whole approach is different. Right from the mind-set. It changes everything. Why we are there. What we will do there. How will we do it. What will happen. Nothing is spared. It’s like every touch, twist or turn of the Kaleidoscope instantly impacting the design, patterns …vividly and vibrantly. So instead of case studies we could have a volley-ball game. Instead of spread sheets, we make a score-card. Instead of review, we have a live-coaching session. Instead of best-practice-sharing, they could be learning a new skill… say basket-weaving or elephant-training.
These monthly, quarterly meetings suddenly become richer, unexpected, real-life, and not an arm’s length exercise

We get the idea. The tools & technics are interesting. We can understand that people would be excited. But what kind of difference does it make to their thinking and actions?
You are right. New-fangled ideas do create a buzz. The experience is euphoric. The feel-good factor is very high. The trick is to move this energy to constructive discovery, learning & action.
Learning new skills brings out more of ourselves... to ourselves and to each other. In a non-threatening way. The playful, new experience exposes hitherto untapped resources and capabilities. Channelizing & processing this for the individual, team, and relating it to the business at hand... moves the euphoria into a usable space. New energies for the future of the business.

It’s hard not to be sceptical. We are talking about hard-nosed adults with their set patterns of thinking & behaviour.
And therein lies the answer, the possibilities. This is precisely the idea of BKP. On one hand we have the euphoria. And on the flip-side we have the rank-high scepticism.
The reaction to anything new, the resistance... it all comes from deep within us. We are otherwise so comfortable with the familiar. Anything strange, new, unfamiliar...creates a dissonance. And here lies the opportunity. The hidden-self & the dark-area are vast resources of untapped potential.
BKP is about the possibilities stemming from holistic engagement. More than just new tools, formats or experiences, it is about tapping 'fresh' parts of ourselves for new insights, thoughts & action.

Rationally, all this may make sense. But what happens on Monday-morning... how does this translate from a ‘hatke’ different program to reality & business?
No easy, ready answers for this. Firstly, BKP is going off the beaten track, and is conceptually different. Deliberately, by design. New things by definition are un-researched. So many of the outcomes will have to be channelized and developed. But that’s what business leaders need to do.
The Monday morning point is valid but not relevant. The transactional elements will be visibly impacted, but the developmental shifts will not be visible on Monday morning.
Lastly, you know what we say about horses and water. Only in this case it is not a reluctant horse, and is a conscious move to get more than water… we set-out to look for it, wanted it to be different, and know it is good for us. Some basic support structures & follow-through processes will be there, but learnings and insights from BKP can cause tectonic shifts.
Business leaders are sensible people… they will use the insights, and not just on Monday morning.

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